"It is true that a small Light may only banish a little Darkness, but not even all the Darkness in the world combined can banish said Light.”
– Ira Theanna


Due to her past, Alba had at one point almost lost faith in everything. The only thing that kept her going was the possibility of a better tomorrow, even if she had to rise up against everything life had taught her to create a chance for that.

Even now Alba only has faith in what could be, and not what currently is. This light of hope burns ever brightly, causing her to give her all towards trying to better her world. 

She does not think herself worthy of the powers of an Architect, especially when compared to the other ones she sees around, but rises to the occasion nevertheless, as she feels there are too few beings trying to make a difference as it is, and she isn’t about to deprive the world of one more, however unqualified she might be.


The Before

Alba was born on one of the worlds hit hardest during the War of the Nine, though the inhabitants of Almarca only know the events as the Sundering, for the results of the cataclysmic event. Even now, life on the fragmented remains of the once planet only barely manages to stay in existence due to the combined might of its last few Gods, although this has left the latter with no power to spare to police Their Creation.

Needless to say, an event that left their world in literal pieces and seemingly caused the gods to withdraw didn’t go over well with the populace at the time. Things got better over time in some ways, though so much worse in others, as while a measure of stability was regained, what was rebuild from the ashes was an ugly, corrupted society.

Of course where there is evil, there are also those who fight it. Alba’s parents were part of the resistance, but were executed when she was 13 years old. Alba, already having been judged not to have an aptitude for battle, took care of the younger children on base at first. She continued doing so until the very day she was transposed, on top of some minor repairs of equipment.

That is to say, the last thing she remembered when she woke up in the Arc was the base being attacked, and being hit by something from behind, urging the children to run before her consciousness left her. 

The Oasis











Powers & Abilities

Before Alba woke up in the Arc, she didn’t have any powers at all, safe perhaps for her vibrant imagination. To be gifted with the power to weave these figments into reality though… 

Not even the sky will be her limit.

  • 'Base' Knowledge: Despite the rather underwhelming name, this power is anything but basic. It currently allows Alba to Create things easily by subconsciously calling forth something akin to blueprints from the Akashic Records. There are further stages to this power, but Alba is far from reaching them.
  • Creator: This power allows Alba to manifest her Creations in the real world. This causes a mental strain on her not because of Creator itself, but the fact that she draws upon ‘Base’ Knowledge.
  • Tinkerer: Tinkerer allows Alba to change the traits of things already in existence. This she mostly applies to her own Creations and to a limited extent herself as she’d literally need to pit herself against the will of the Creator of what/whoever she’s trying to affect and come out victorious if not given permission first. 
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